The Library of Dreams

The Library of Dreams

The Library of Dreams 720 960 Lavinia Hirsu

The library of dreams opened in 2016 in the San Jacinto neighborhood of El Salvador. It offers books and cultural activities to children and their families in a vulnerable situation given the context of violence in this area. The Library was founded by the poet and writer Jorge Argueta and supported by the IBBY Foundation.

In a quiet and safe environment, surrounded by trees, children approach stories, poetry and books, accompanied by volunteer mediators and cultural workers.

In our program “reading is wonderful” we rely on the picturebook, an essential tool to bring our children closer to reading because we are convinced that it is a great help for children to take an interest in the history from the image and the text is easily understood. Which allows the small reader to dare to express himself and be less resistant to sharing his emotions, it is a work that has been forged since we started with the first headquarters of the dream library.

Our little readers love the book “René has two surnames”, they compare and think that they also have two names and two surnames, but wonder why others only have one last name? Another title, “The Pigeon Needs a Bath”, has helped them understand the benefit of cleanliness, how nice it is to feel clean and healthy.

Mediation incorporates aloud reading and creative activities around books. In particular, once a month we select a book with which we want to strengthen or reinforce some of the values and the reading is done aloud by the collaborator, then a playful activity such as assembling a puzzle or drawing and coloring about what has been bought of history.

Our experience has been rewarding, as the boy and girl who has had an approach to the album book is captivated by him. The result is that children come back again and again and ask to read and see the books again. We have noticed that they are getting better in their interpersonal relationships and their responses are less reactive. The program will reach its third year at the San Jacinto Market and its first year in Santo Domingo de Guzmán.