Sharing a book and sharing memories in Albergue Las Memorias, Tijuana, Mexico

Sharing a book and sharing memories in Albergue Las Memorias, Tijuana, Mexico 150 150 admin

In my case, I’m involved with the community in Tijuana that fosters community building and empowerment, with cultural and literary activities being of central importance. Most of those participating in the activities of this project are not youth, they are adults and they are LGBT, and oftentimes they also share a history of being migrants themselves. Some of these persons also share other histories as well, such as that of being HIV-positive and/or having an addiction history, as well as other life circumstances. Although the workshop “Children’s Literature in Critical Contexts of Displacement” was directed at working with children and young people, the activities are also applicable to work with adults.

On one occasion we read Sidewalk Flowers, a picturebook by the poet JonArno Lawson and the illustrator, Sydney Smith. The reading and the sharing of this book lead to a wide variety of responses amongst those of us at this meeting. Perhaps not surprisingly, the feeling of nostalgia was common to many of these responses, with many remembering stories of their youth and of other times in their lives when they moved from one place, one city, or one country to another. Beyond the feeling of nostalgia, there were also many remembered feelings of joy and surprise and so many other things. The memories in our heart are many and varied, and it is well worth the effort to remember and to once again be inspired by them.