Duck, Death and the Tulip


There always comes a time when the child wonders about death. Naively, with all the naturalness of the world. Parents know this, but they rarely have a simple and convincing answer ready. The character of death in this book of Erlbruch is a silent and slight companion like a feather, always present although we did not perceive it: for a long time, the duck noticed something strange. -who are you? Why are you following me so closely and quietly? Death answered him, “I’m glad you’ve finally seen me. I’m death. The duck got scared. Who wouldn’t have. -Are you coming for me? -I’ve been close to you since the day you were born just in case. -just in case? the duck asked. -yes, in case something happened to you. A serious cold, an accident, you never know! – yes, you never know, but if we can be sure of one thing, Wolf Erlbruch answers the big questions with the poetry of his illustrations and their stories. For children and adults.

Author: Wolf Erlbruch
Illustrator: Wolf Erlbruch
Translator: N/A
Place Published:
Date published: 2012