Pathways to Reading with ‘Libros Cartoneros’

Pathways to Reading with ‘Libros Cartoneros’

Pathways to Reading with ‘Libros Cartoneros’ 626 499 Lavinia Hirsu

By Mery Luz Yataco Chacalliaza

“Ediciones Calabazas” arose in the province of Yauyos as a need to bridge the gap in access to books in school and out-of-school educational services. The pedagogical proposal “Forming reading families” was implemented in educational institutions, especially in those most isolated by the pandemic.

In each district, population centre or annex of the province of YAUYOS there is a variety of cultural and linguistic richness to which children are exposed, including history and customs that are transmitted orally. Through the strategy of “Libros cartoneros” (books made from salvaged cardboard with a hand-painted or collage cover), the aim was to collect the experiences of the communities, as well as to value the languages such as Jaqaru, Kawki and Quechua, which are established in the districts of the “Sur Chico” area, such as Catahuasi, San Jeronimo and VIÑAC.

The use of the strategy of ‘libros cartoneros’ has as its purpose the implementation of reading spaces based on the productions of the children, parents and teachers of the province, this strategy being an alternative of publication of very economic texts due to the materials used in their elaboration, depending on each context, such as cardboard, fabrics, dyes, seeds of the plants, skin of the animals, among others.

This strategy allowed for the development of reading, writing and oral learning, which was reflected in the children’s interviews with the community’s elders, in the production of their texts based on their writing levels, in the development of oral skills in the presentation of their texts and in their participation in the family reading marathons. In this way, rewarding encounters were strengthened in the presentations at ‘cartoneras pedagógicas’ fairs, where the texts created by families and teachers are put on sale, and purchased by visitors to the fair.

The teacher plays an important role in the mediation of readers in early childhood, as it is at this age that the greatest number of synaptic connections can be made. Through the opportunities offered to them at home, at school and in the community, quality learning is developed.

Being a ‘cartonero’ teacher means being recognised as a writer and this allows the sensitizing and enthusing of others in the publication of books, books that have been registered in the National Library and also in the international library of cartonero books, such as the registration at the University of Wisconsin.

The reading work succeeded in forming “Reading Families from early childhood”, where reading environments are fostered at home, allowing encounters with reading based on their own experiences. Some of these sessions can be seen in the following link: