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March 2018

Workshops in Mexicali and Tijuana, Mexico

Workshops in Mexicali and Tijuana, Mexico 1920 1466 admin

These one-day workshops were developed along similar lines to those previously delivered in Cairo, in order to strengthen mediator’s knowledge and draw on their experiences in order to contribute to the creation of a Toolkit. Supported by Nora Obregon from Sala de lectura Acordes Cotidianos and Salas de lectura trainers, Mario Ramos and Hector Jimenez, Evelyn Arizpe delivered two sessions to 49 staff working in libraries, cultural centres and migrant refuges, as well as reading  group mediators (Salas de lectura) in the states of Baja California and Nuevo Leon (both states are border with the USA). As part of the workshops, participants were offered a range of picturebooks, some wordless, some in languages other than Spanish, to make a selection for discussion and the workshop activities. Film expert, Ivan Robledo, helped participants create culturally and ethically appropriate video clips to demonstrate how to use the creative response strategies that were carried out during the workshops.